2017 Corporate Edition

Customer experience (CX) has been center stage for several years; but in 2017, CX lived in the spotlight. In fact, 2017 began with Harvard Business Review declaring that 86% of business leaders agreed that CX was vital for success.

Into this environment we introduce a CXMB Series Corporate Edition report with new questions, more content and deeper analysis than ever before — all aimed at providing an unrivaled understanding of the CX landscape. Specific areas of expanded exploration include channel consistency, quality programs and CX priorities.

Best of all, the CXMB Series provides insights from both the consumer and corporate points of view, delivering a unique level of depth. Featured again in this year’s report is the Consumer Edition Comparisons section, beginning on page 67. As in past volumes, the Consumer Edition Comparisons section serves as a bridge between corporate and consumer viewpoints, exposing both congruences and differences.

    Highlights from this year’s CXMB Series Corporate Edition report:

  • Only 50% of respondents answered “Yes” when asked, “Is your company’s leadership fully committed to a customer-first strategy?”
  • Thirty-four percent of respondents didn’t believe their company had a good understanding of which channels their customers preferred, nor how these preferences differed from current channel offerings.
  • Interest and investment in chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) exploded in 2017, with more than a threefold increase in the percentage of brands naming chatbots and AI as the technology of most interest and/or investment.
  • Only 14% of respondents felt their brands were doing a good job of providing a consistent customer experience across channels and solutions, while only half of brands (51%) had any initiatives to create greater consistency.

What was said about the 2014 Corporate Edition:

  • "The intelligence in the CXMB report helps us identify opportunities to improve the customer experience and create competitive advantage for our brands and dealer network."
  • David Mingle, Executive Director, Global Customer Experience Program Execution and GMNA GCCX
  • "The Corporate Edition of the CXMB Series provides great insight into current trends and best practices in Customer Care. With feedback from other like-minded professionals, the report helped me understand how companies are investing and prioritizing their customer experience and channel strategy efforts. An added benefit in this year’s report is the comparison of the consumer’s view to the corporate responses, very enlightening. This is the best benchmarking report that I have seen for Customer Care Executives."
  • Carol Brolley, Vice President of Operations Global Business Services
  • "I accessed this report for the first time and I was positively surprised by how valuable it was. The CXMB series 2014 Corporate Edition provides great insight into how other organizations are supporting the connected consumer, across multiple channels. Reviewing the standard set by other customer executives, various market conditions, and the expectations of consumers, helps our organization validate some of our assumptions and validate we’re on the right track with our own efforts."
  • Claudia Cristiani, General Manager, Consumer Global Service Delivery

The CXMB Series is a collaboration between Execs In The Know and COPC Inc.

Sample Findings:

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