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Brand Awareness

Get Known, Get Loved

Who are you and what do you do? Often times, the single biggest barrier to entry is simple awareness. Execs In The Know can help your brand overcome this challenge by sharing access to our large audience of industry leaders, senior executives and community influencers. Whether your organization is trying to build familiarity for its name, its people or a new product, we can help.

Execs In The Know Website

Everyday the Execs In The Know website is visited by a wide variety of industry professionals. Some come to learn about our events, some come to explore our industry resources and some come to participate in our benchmarking research. Through specific site advertising opportunities, you can build value by capturing and redirecting the attention of this traffic.

Here are a few specific ExecsInTheKnow.com options:

  • Banner ads
  • Link Promotion
  • Vendor Directory Placement

Social Media Promotion

Execs In The Know has spent years building an extensive social media following. Specifically, our LinkedIn groups have 40K+ members, and our Twitter handle can be utilized to reach out to more than 11K followers. In other words, promote a message via our social media channels, and you’ll reach tens of thousands of highly qualified Customer Management professionals.

Similar to promotion by way of email blasts, connecting with our social media audience will allow you to share website links, videos and even your own social media channels.

Email Blasts

The Execs In The Know digital rolodex is 100,000 strong, and each of these individuals are a quality target for your message. We offer the functionality of creating and/or sending media rich HTML email campaigns that enjoy high open and click rates. Regardless of whether you want to promote an event, product or specific link, we can carry your content to our highly target network list to help your message be heard.

Live Engagement

Event Planning

Content Generation