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10 Things We Learned at CRS Denver

The following is a guest post written by Audrey Parent, Marketing Specialist at Coveo


Coveo was honored to join the Execs in the Know community at CRS Denver. As we spent time with fellow customer service and support leaders, we noticed some common themes in conversations, as well as during our panel with Ron Runyon, VP of Service Delivery – Americas at F5 Networks, Kal Kuchimanchi, Director Global Strategy & Central Operations – Customer Support at Uber and James Gallagher, VP of Customer Care and Fraud at Nordstrom.

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Fin Analytics

The Operations Flywheel: Why You Should Adopt a Formal Methodology for Continuous CX Improvement


The following is a guest post written by Andrew Kortina, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Fin Analytics

The ‘Operations Flywheel’ is a framework for driving continuous improvement of CX operations quality or efficiency KPI like CSAT, NPS, Cost per Resolution, etc. In this post, I’ll discuss how we developed this methodology, explain why your organization should consider adopting it, and outline the basic steps in the flywheel.
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Why Automation in Customer Support Can Be A Slippery Slope

The following is a guest post written by Edmund Ovington, VP Global Alliances, Unbabel


When people talk about automation, and how computers are taking over customer support and why we no longer need human agents, I think of my dad.

He hates anything that has to do with automated things and computers (Little Britain is likely to blame). He was born in a world where you would speak to toll collectors, supermarket cashiers, and bank managers. Now having to deal with machines instead of real people really gets to his nerve. 

And he’s not alone.

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Customers Are Happier When Agents and Bots Work Together…But So Are Agents

The above chart shows that, of Helpshift customers, distinct messages sent by chatbots increased by 35% from Q1 to Q2. Meanwhile, agent outbound messages increased by only 8%. So even as issue volume rose dramatically, agents did not significantly increase their issue load.


The following is a guest post written by Jeff Saegner, VP of Customer Success, Helpshift

Customer support agents put up with a lot. You might have been in a situation where you felt the need to apologize to an agent for your mood — ‘I’m not annoyed with you, I’m frustrated with the situation.’ Most of the customer service agent’s job is to make us feel heard and valued as customers in moments when we’re not. But agents today don’t have a lot of time to spend empathizing with you, because they’re too busy gathering basic information about you and your problem. With little to go on, most agent interactions start with the most basic questions, whether that be asking a customer to verify their identity, provide an account number or (gulp!) ask a customer to repeat their issue after it’s been escalated.
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More Important Than Ever: Coaches Must Be Leaders

The following is a guest post written by Melissa Pollock, Customer Success Leader for AmplifAI, and Jim Rembach, President of Call Center Coach 

Although distinctly different, “manager” and “leader” are often used interchangeably.  But those responsible for managing the contact center coaching program also have to lead the engagement, performance and development of people! 

MIT defined coaching as a sophisticated management style that requires developing a relationship that empowers employees by building confidence and competence

Leadership is that intentional relationship between the leader and the led.  Respect, confidence, caring, and meeting needs are all required in order to build trust with team members so we can help them see their opportunities while ensuring they remain open and receptive to hearing feedback and discussing alternate approaches.
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What Is “Adaptive Change” and Why It Matters for Support Leaders

The following is a guest post written by Jennifer MacIntosh, VP of Customer Experience at Coveo


The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” – Robert Burns, “To a Mouse” 

CX leaders today know this all too well. In today’s business environment, I often hear that the only constant is change. Our customers are rapidly changing and shifting their demands for their support experience. With every new graduating class of the workforce, our employees are coming in with their own set of needs for their experience. The leadership team analyzes and recognizes new threats and brings in their own set of expectations.

How do you actually accomplish your strategic initiatives for transformation when everything is constantly shifting?
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How Will The Gig Economy Help Us Rethink Customer Support In The Digital Age?

The following is a guest blog written by Paula Kennedy, Vice President at Concentrix

As the business world ups its competitive game for a digital age, customer satisfaction can no longer be treated as merely nice to have, or as an ambition metric for the corporate scorecard. On the contrary, it is a business essential that will determine the success or failure of brand advocacy, customer loyalty and consumer adoption and as a result, competitive advantage.

Many organizations still find themselves in catch-up mode on their digital transformation strategies. But, regardless of where they are on this shift, it is critical that customer experience (CX) remains at the heart of change and innovation.

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How to Increase Your Virtual Agent’s Customer Support Resolution Rate


The following is a guest blog written by Joey Greenwald, Senior Director of Marketing, Directly.


Creating a truly effective AI-powered virtual assistant (VA) isn’t simple. You don’t just drop in a few lines of code and a data set and then let an algorithm do its thing. As we wrote recently, there are four main reasons AI projects fail and one of them is a lack of maintenance. It takes a dedicated and ongoing commitment to do it right. Just ask Amazon — the company has spent billions of dollars on research and development and reportedly has 10,000 employees dedicated to making Alexa more understanding, empathetic and ultimately effective.

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Helpshift Webinar Recap: Connected Customer Conversations in a Mobile-First World

On August 8th, 2019, Helpshift partnered with Execs In The Know to deliver a wonderful, interactive webinar titled Connected Customer Conversations in a Mobile-First World.

The captivated audience of CX professionals was able to learn from a company leading the charge when it comes to leveraging new age technology to provide a stellar customer experience.

Helpshift is an innovative, connected customer experience platform that is revolutionizing the way big brands and companies communicate with their customers. Many traditional forms of technology and communication have been created to focus on one aspect of the AI spectrum, but Helpshift does it all.

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The Three Steps to Getting Started with Digital Customer Service

The following is a guest blog written by Lori Marion, Director of Product Marketing, Helpshift. To learn more: Register for the Helpshift webinar, hosted by Execs In The Know.

Brand leaders are taking a deep look at the “end-to-end” shopper’s journey and changing consumer sentiment is at the root of it all. Digitally native customers have been empowered to get access to information and services, across devices, anytime, anywhere. The mix of an always-on mindset and mobile devices are reshaping expectations that each experience will be consistent no matter where they are in the journey, and particularly in interacting with customer service. Over 93% of consumers own a smartphone, and in this time of instant everything, customers also believe that every digital experience will be as familiar as Amazon, or Uber. This puts the pressure squarely on the shoulders of CX and Customer Service leaders to build a coordinated and seamless back-end experience that connects customers to service interactions that are as elegant as the purchasing experience. This has Customer Service and CX leaders asking the question, “Where do I start?”.
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