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Digital Engagement

Promote Your Domain Expertise

The development and production of high quality content is a challenge for many organizations, especially when their main focus is new and better products to serve the needs of their clients. Luckily, Execs In The Knows provides a variety of rich content generation opportunities — many of which provide both promotional value as well as reusable content that can be distributed through your organizations own promotional channels.

Co-Brand Webinars

Webinars are a great way to create a content-rich experience that fully engages the Execs In The Know community. Unlike other formats, Execs In The Know Co-Branded Webinars create an environment for high interactivity, and allow for the free sharing of ideas and concepts through an exchange of digital content. Execs In The Know can not only assist in the facilitatation and moderation of a webinar specially designed to feature your brand, we can also help you create the materials you’ll use as a part of the presentation. We’ll share our research, knowledge and understanding of the customer experience community to help you choose a relevant topic that will resonate and deliver your message in a compelling way. We’ll also assist in building an audience and generating interest throughout the Execs In The Know community around the topic of discussion. 

Live Engagement

Thought Leadership Promotion