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Boston’s Artificial Intelligence Briefing Explored AI Use Cases and More

With our AI Briefing in Atlanta just weeks away, it’s a good time to reflect back on our February Briefing in Boston. It was an illuminating deep dive into artificial intelligence and its impact on customer experience.

Our panel of experts fielded questions from our community of corporate executives. The brands’ experiences with AI ranged from taking the first baby steps to mature projects looking to take the next big leap.


The themes that emerged revealed an area of CX that is very much in its infancy. The applications of AI and the strategic decisions it requires were top-of-mind for corporate brands.

“Machines and Humans Have to Work Together”

One of the central questions of the Briefing was how AI and service reps would (or wouldn’t) interact. Will AI replace employees entirely? How can AI provide good or excellent customer service without the empathy of a person?

The service providers agreed that AI won’t necessarily replace employees. AI can make an impact on the bottom line by completing simple and rote tasks, which frees up representatives to deal with more complex issues. Employees are happier, because they’re not working on repetitive cases. Customers are happier, because reps can devote more time to their complex cases.

AI can also work to streamline service processes for customers. Deflecting cases or just getting cases to the right person reduces customer frustration. Customer problems are solved faster, creating efficiencies that also reduce costs. Used correctly, machines can give humans more capacity to do the things only a person can do.

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Exploring Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service at San Francisco Briefing

CX Professionals to join together for a candid discussion on AI, December 4-5, 2017.

PHOENIX, AZ. – (November 2, 2017) – Community of customer service executives, Execs In The Know, have announced their next event for customer experience leaders. The Execs In The Know AI Briefing will take place December 4th-5th, 2017, in San Francisco, CA. The day and a half session is an opportunity to discuss how AI is impacting service strategies, with other care leaders that are looking to maximize their strategy or implement it.

On day one of the AI event, held at The Westin St. Francis San Francisco on Union Square, attendees will have the chance to visit the Execs In The Know AI Innovations Lab, to see live applications of how AI is working to improve CX in different channels and processes, with various solutions providers.

Day two of the event will be held at Square Headquarters. Square helps millions of sellers run their business – from secure credit card processing to point of sale solutions. The day will start with “An Overview of AI Trends for Customer Service With Square” from Matt Capers, Data Science Lead at Square. The rest of the day will center on candid discussion with AI Providers to explore the challenges and opportunities that face corporations today, in using AI for customer service, as well as a separate discussion with just the Corporate Brands in the room about challenges experienced, solutions, or innovations, as it pertains to AI for customer service.

“The future is predictive and personalized support, powered by artificial intelligence, which balances both technical and human solutions to customer success. At Square, our goal is to be always available, but rarely needed, and we are constantly working to provide fast, efficient (and ultimately human) answers to our sellers’ questions,” said Nate Rosenthal, Head of Customer Support at Square and current member of the Execs In The Know Corporate Advisory Board. “It’s exciting to see artificial intelligence, predictive support, and automation gaining traction throughout the industry, and I look forward to diving deeper into their potential during the Execs In The Know AI Briefing.”

To learn more about the event, download the AI Briefing agenda  or visit the event website .

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