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Customer Management Executives From Square, Amazon, and Petco Join Execs In The Know 2017 Corporate Advisory Board

PHOENIX, AZ. March 20, 2017 – Execs In The Know, advocates for the Customer Experience Executive, have announced three new additions to their 2017 Corporate Advisory Board. Nate Rosenthal, Head of Customer Support at Square, Tom Weiland, Vice President, Global Customer Service at Amazon, and Jodi Watson, SVP Petco Direct and acting Chief Marketing Officer at Petco will join the 9 Customer Service Leaders that currently sit on the Advisory Board.

“Putting customers first and continually improving customer experience is critical for any business’s success,” said Rosenthal. “I’m excited to serve alongside and learn from leaders who share Square’s commitment to customers as we work to move our industry forward.”

“As a company obsessed with understanding what our consumers’ needs are in order to be better pet parents, I’m excited to join this group of like-minded subject matter experts who all share a common goal to exceed our customer’s expectations and deliver outstanding experiences,” said Watson.

The Execs In The Know Advisory Board is a group of top executives in customer experience, from many of today’s prominent brands, across various industry verticals. The focus of the board is to provide measurable value to their businesses, by delivering customer experience improvements, in an efficient and effective manner. They leverage research, data, and the experience of a broad network of world class brands to develop leaders, advocate change, and transform the customer experience. They identify gaps, key strategies, and trends that ultimately enhance the Execs In The Know – Customer Response Summits, workshops, and content. They are the cornerstone of the Execs In The Know community and strengthen it through their involvement in various events, webinars, content pieces, philanthropic activities, and meetings. Continue reading

Pioneers Shaping a New Era of Customer Experience

Guest blog post by Brad Cleveland, founding partner and current Senior Advisor of ICMI.

HMS Agamemnon
Depiction of the H.M.S. Agamemnon, running cable in the Atlantic. Artist: Robert Dudley, 1866

A century and a half ago, the crew of the HMS Agamemnon pulled off what many thought was impossible. After enduring a year of storms and sickness, they finished installing the first transatlantic telegraph cable between the British Isles and North America. (Just imagine the coils of cable that filled the ship—1250 tons worth.) Queen Victoria sent the first message though the line in 1858. Unfortunately, the cable’s insulation failed several days later, and it never worked again—a heartbreaking, bitter end to an immense undertaking. The project, though viewed as a failure at the time, helped create an enduring vision of a more connected world.

Today, high capacity fiber optic cables crisscross oceans and continents, and satellites and wireless services reach the most remote parts of the globe. These networks, along with the most recent developments that have redefined how information is represented and stored (think mobile, social, cloud) have become powerful forces of change.

It’s in this context that customer interaction is changing so rapidly. And a new generation of pioneers are reinventing customer experience. I’d like for you to meet a few of them (shown here in San Diego at the Customer Response Summit, an event produced by Execs in the Know).

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