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Corporate Social Responsibility in Action


The corporate social responsibility stories that make headlines are large-scale, organization-wide efforts:

– Google plans to give $1 billion in grants and 1 million employee volunteer hours in the next five years.

– IBM’s travel program sends their best employees to developing nations to use their talents on pro-bono assignments.

– Patagonia’s Action Works initiative supports grassroots environmental activism by pairing individual volunteers with non-profits in their communities.

– Microsoft gave non-profits $1.2 billion in services and software last year.

Because of their scale, these corporate programs have a deep and obvious impact on the planet. But organizations can have a staggering effect on a smaller scale, too—just one person and 20 computers were enough to transform the future of a town in Africa.

The Power of Individuals—And Community

A chance meeting through a mutual friend introduced Execs In The Know co-founders Chad and Susan McDaniel to Yembe Nfor, a young man from Cameroon with a vision for bringing technology to his country. His story inspired them so much, they asked him to share his message with their children.

He spent hours with the family, detailing his vision for a space where people in his city could access the internet. The kids were moved to help in any way they could, as were their parents. Chad and Susan turned to the EITK community to see if they could obtain the resources he needed, gathering support by sharing Yembe’s tireless individual endeavors.

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