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  • Join us as we advance

    the conversation and learning in the Customer Management Profession

  • Join us as we advance

    the conversation and learning in the Customer Management Profession

  • Join us as we advance

    the conversation and learning in the Customer Management Profession

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  •  I have done over 12 executive events this year, with three more coming this year, and I think you could easily become the "must attend" event for executives. 

    --- JC Quintana – HP- Global Head of Customer Strategy Innovation ---
  •  The summit certainly met my expectations and I agree that there were a lot of brands represented. 

    --- Elias Hakim- UPS- Vice President Operations-Global Business Services ---
  •  Thanks again for including me in the Customer Response Summit. I learned so much and was able to bring lots of ideas back to my teammates here at First Horizon. 

    --- Kim Cherry – First Horizon- Executive VP of Corporate Communications ---
  •  I really enjoyed the conference and the experience helped me to learn what is new in Customer Experience, across the many large brands in attendance, and to make valuable connections. 

    --- Felicia – DTE ---
  •  Was a great conference and thanks for asking me to participate. Would love to do it in the future. 

    --- Martin Hand ---
  •  I wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to attend and participate in my first Execs in Know conference. It was great hearing from peers about what is and what isn't working in our customer relations. I had a great time and hopefully made some great connections with folks that I hope to continue to learn from. 

    --- Anonymous ---
  •  I have to tell you how impressed I was with, not only the number of c level executives your conference attracts, but also the amazing list of who is who brands. I don't generally attend conferences, but I will definitely try to keep money in my 2015 budget for one of the conferences that are planned next year. 

    --- Gregg – Washington Post ---
  •  Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the Conference and the wealth of knowledge of all participants.  

    --- Keith – Nissan ---
  •  It was a pleasure getting to know you and engaging in the forum. You have done some pretty amazing work! 

    --- Jon – Blue Shield ---
  •  It was great to attend... you have a great group of people and brands all participating and would love to increase my participation. 

    --- Gary Praznik – iQor ---
  •  Just returned from Customer Response Summit in Memphis. Great set of people and big thanks to Chad McDaniel and his team. 

    --- Kevin – KGB ---
  •  A big thank you to you and your team. This was very informative and I will plan to attend additional conferences in the future. 

    --- Clay – Atmos Energy ---
  •  I am back in New York feeling fulfilled and enriched, by both the emotional connections and the intellectual stimulation of the past three days...best use of my time, hands down. 

    --- Lisa Oswald ---
  •  I wanted to reach out and thank you again for including me in the Summit. I found the topics to be interesting, the event to be well run, and the attendees to be top notch. I think you are really onto something with this!  

    --- Rick Long – Capital One ---