Execs In The Know- A Global Network of Customer Experience Professionals

About Us

Over 15 years ago, Execs In The Know saw a wealth of untapped opportunity in the Customer Management Industry.
There was an abundance of innovative industry leaders, and emerging ideas, but no cohesive community to connect
them all together. Execs In The Know decided to bridge this gap and create a unified, specialized group of
Customer Experience Executives, all focused on the same thing – excellence in customer service.

Today, the Execs In The Know community exceeds 50,000 members and continues to grow. These members have many
commonalities, besides the obvious involvement in customer care, they also believe in the power of knowledge
sharing, creating lasting relationships, and exhibiting passion and enthusiasm in all that you do. Execs In
The Know have created a number of ways to connect members including exceptional industry content, thought
leadership, current industry development, peer-to-peer partnerships, networking, and industry employment
opportunities, all with an end goal of enhancing the overall customer experience industry.

– Customer Response Summit Events: Not your typical tradeshow. Customer Response Summit events are intimate,
interactive, and inspiring. Experience the opportunity to collaborate with other senior executives in customer care.
– 1 Day Workshops
– Customer Experience Management Benchmarking Series – Industry Benchmarking Reports
– Content Generation
– Advocacy Marketing Solutions
– Webinars
– Blog Talk Radio
– Thought Leadership White Papers
– Execs In The Know Social Communities & Blog