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Travel & Hospitality

This initial release, CXMB Industry Insights: Travel and Hospitality, 2016traveldownloadprovides consumer insights in three key areas: The Customer Care Experience, The Purchase Experience and Customer Loyalty. The data was collected over five individual survey modules of 10 questions each. The modules include Customer Care, Multi-Channel, Customer Loyalty and the Purchase Experience (one for airlines and one for hotels/resorts). Topics for future reports, while targeting other industries, could cover these or any other number of subjects. This format is meant to be flexible, reflective and able to cover both operational and strategic themes.

Whether or not you count yourself as a part of the travel and hospitality industry, we hope you find this research to be engaging and insightful. Please be sure to share this report, both within and outside of the travel and hospitality industry. And be sure to keep an eye out for news concerning future CXMB Industry Insights releases.


Highlights From The Report:


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