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  • Outsourcing Briefing – Dallas, TX

    Join us May 17th, 2018 for A Candid Discussion on Outsourcing

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Outsourcing Briefing – Dallas, TX – May 17, 2018


Outsourcing is nothing new; however, with more provider options offering new locations, and brands needing to support a multi-channel service model, the practice of outsourcing is ever changing. Whether you are currently outsourcing, or considering outsourcing, there are many dynamics to consider and navigating the right choices for your brand can be tricky.

This daylong session will include a candid discussion with a panel of outsourcers, who will examine a multitude of questions that will be compiled by our audience in advance. After an information filled morning with our service partners, corporate attendees will have a chance to meet with only their corporate peers to discuss insights and learnings.


• Outsourcing best practices
• Positive and negatives to outsourcing
• Geographical placement of work
• Selecting the best pricing model
• Principals to create strong partnerships
• Common contract mistakes
• Contractual performance metrics
• Trends and tech to improve outsourcing
• Vendor/partner selection
• Oversight models of the partner performance


Attendees should include corporate executives that are focused
on the operational strategy and execution of customer care.
This will include those that are currently utilizing an outsourcing
strategy and those that are interested in the subject as a
consideration for future delivery.


Hilton Headquarters
Dallas, TX


** Prices listed below are for our Corporate Brands only. If you are a solution provider (BPO, vendor, etc.) please contact errol@execsintheknow.com to find out how you can take part in EITK Briefings. 

Full Price (USD)
Corporate Brand $99.95

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