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  •  Chad's ability to connect people creates a strong community feel and helps to break down barriers. The panels are great because you hear many points of view. 

    --- Shellie Dow, Sr. Director, Contact Center – Nintendo of America ---
  •  The food, venue and overall agenda was excellent. I feel this event has a higher level attendee which makes for very productive conversation. 

    --- Ginna Sauerwein, Managing Director – FedEx Services ---
  •  Well organized and valuable sessions. The networking opportunities to talk to peers in the customer space is highly valuable. 

    --- Aaron McMillan, Managing Director, Quality Services, Applications & Refunds – United Airlines ---
  •  This was my third consecutive CRS summit and I don't see the streak ending anytime soon. Everything from the hosts (Chad and Susan) to the venue, to the attendees, to the material is top notch. I normally consider a conference successful if I leave with half dozen 'nuggets' but at CRS I always get significantly more. Already looking forward to Vegas in February! 

    --- Matt Zurcher, SVP – Customer Care – HomeAdvisor ---
  •  Execs In The Know is a CX community that allows me to learn and share with peers across industries. In a short period of time I have strengthened my network, which enables me to reach out when challenged and gather insight from peers in CX. 

    --- John Pompei – Head of Customer Care Operations – Electronic Arts ---
  •  The Execs In The Know event was such a valuable event for my team that it will be on our calendar every year going forward. Fantastic event, wonderful networking and meaningful content. It exceeded expectations. 

    --- Walter Liebenow – Customer Care Director – The Home Depot ---
  •  As a member of the Execs In The Know community I have grown my network to include Customer Care professionals willing to engage in valuable conversations about enhancing the customer experience, everyone is an advocate for the customer. 

    --- Shannon Burch – Director Sales Customer Contact Centres – Scotiabank ---
  •  As a first time attendee, I didn't know what to expect. I have to say I was impressed with this event and the group running it. I will definitely be back. 

    --- Joe Ablan – Manager, Customer Experience – BlueRock Energy ---
  •  This was my first Execs In The Know event and I'm blown away. I was able to connect with other leaders in an environment of open discussions, collaborative workshops and through insightful, well-delivered keynote presentations. From the moment I arrived I was welcomed into the EITK community. There is a culture of inclusion and diversity and an overall passion for excellence within the community that drives rich discussions even outside the conference hours. The networking dinners and over-the-top evening events allow for deeper discussions and personal networking opportunities that couldn't have occurred without a huge effort from the event planners. You can tell that attention was paid to detail at each step in the process and the event was executed flawlessly. I'm proud to join the EITK community and will definitely be at future events. 

    --- Fred Adkins – Principal Associate – Digital & Social Care – Capital One ---
  •  As a first-time attendee and speaker, I was very impressed with the quality of the attendees and the content. Look forward to attending future sessions and participating in the EITK community. 

    --- Jerry Howe – VP – CX – OfferUp ---
  •  If you only have one conference you can attend in a given year, I would strongly encourage you to attend EITK CRS. You'll get an opportunity to learn from other leaders, share your experiences and walk away with some value added nuggets. 

    --- Michael Martin – Senior Vice President, Simplii Financial – CIBC ---
  •  Attending the Customer Response Summit was a great opportunity to learn from your peers in multiple industries (Hi Tech, to Banking, to Retail, to Pharma) and from professionals leading Customer Experience in these organizations that are responsible for small teams, to executives responsible for very large, multi-national organizations. Well worth the investment with great takeaways that can be applied very quickly to any industry. 

    --- Michael Shanno – Chief of Operations; Architecture, Digital Transformation, & Quality – Formerly Dell Technologies ---
  •  As a first-time attendee, I was blown away with the caliber of customer professionals and leaders, but even more so with their willingness to share...and with no egos! Incredibly collaborative, progressive and motivating atmosphere and experience. 

    --- Chris Swisher – Head of Customer Success U.S. – Bayer ---