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Execs In The Know serves the needs of an amazing community of passionate and engaged Customer Experience professionals. When you participate, you’ll interact with Customer Experience leadership teams from some of the world’s most recognizable brands. Furthermore, Execs In The Know plays a very active role in managing introductions and identifying specific corporate needs that are an ideal match for your organization’s offerings. So you won’t just be in the room — you’ll be in the conversation.

Customer Response Summit (CRS) Series

This live executive-level forum provides ample opportunity to demonstrate your industry expertise and network with some of the most influential individuals in the Customer Management space. Each #CRSummit (as the series has become known) is packed with an intriguing collection of interactive sessions, social engagement opportunities, panel discussions and keynote speakers.

In 2019, Execs In The Know will be hosting a Spring and Fall Customer Response Summit.

Each of these events will offer high value engagement opportunities, including:
• Pre-Conference Private Dinners
• Advisory Board Briefings
• Panel Moderation
• Case Studies
• Customer Shop Talk
• Innovations Labs

Contact chad@execsintheknow.com for more information on becoming a CRS sponsor. 

Subject Matter Briefings

Focused Subject Matter Briefings offer an unparalleled opportunity to meet with CX decision makers, position your brand as an expert thought leader, share best practices and unfiltered information with other major brands, and network with senior industry professionals. Focused Subject Matter Briefings provide a great opportunity to discuss how emerging technology and trends are positively impacting service strategies, with care leaders that are looking to learn from vendor industry influencers.

Briefing sponsorship includes three hours of direct engagement with the audience. Briefings place your brand on stage in a panel format, positioning you and your company as subject matter experts to an audience that has specific and direct interest in the subject matter.

The audience will be comprised of corporate brand decision makers who are looking to understand new information that could affect their current growth plan, or existing sourcing strategy, and sponsorship is limited to a total of six companies.

Subject Matter Briefing 2019 Calendar:
• Next Gen Tech Briefing (San Francisco) – Tuesday, March 12th
• Outsourcing Briefing (Richmond) – Wednesday, June 12th
• Next Gen Tech Briefing (New York) – Tuesday, October 22nd
• Gig Economy (Location TBA Soon) – Wednesday, December 4th

Lunch and Learn

Looking for a way to engage location-specific CX professionals via a three-hour engagement? A sponsored Lunch and Learn may be what you are looking for. Lunch and Learns offer two (non-competing) sponsors an opportunity to present their thought leadership and best practices around CX-specific topics to attendees, through a three-hour workshop format. Sponsors have an opportunity to present either before or after a networking lunch and have access to EITK data and survey results for their presentations.

Lunch and Learns offer a convenient way for CX professionals to gather during the day in an easy-to-attend format, network with their peers, and share comments and insights. They are an excellent way to build strong relationships and improve brand-awareness at the same time.

November Dates and Locations TBA Soon

CXMB One-Day Industry Workshop

Execs In The Know corporate brands are attracted to the CXMB Workshop format as they leverage our research and reporting to provide real-time insights on the most current benchmark data available, as seen in Execs In The Know’s CXMB Series. Together with our research partner (COPC), Execs In The Know produces two annual benchmark reports. One is on the corporate findings and insights, and the second on consumer expectations and channel alignment. Copies of the benchmark report can be made available for the review of the detail work that goes into these reports.

In addition, COPC and Execs In The Know produce CXMB vertical reports that are specific to industry (Financial Services, Retail, Travel/Hospitality as an example). Brands relish in the data and sharing that takes places within the workshops.

Our select sponsors have the opportunity to engage the audience in a 45-minute presentation, along with joining the executive group throughout the day of conversations and discovery. You will find unique insights to the conversations that take place with incredible access to a buyer group.

Our CXMB Workshop roadshows typically occur twice a year (Spring/Fall), with each tour hitting two cities. Sponsoring a CXMB One-Day Industry Workshop allows your brand to take the spotlight in a close, intimate format, enriching the agenda and elevating the conversation through your thought leadership, knowledge, and expertise.

Host a Private Dinner

Is your organization interested in exploring opportunities with a specific audience? Is there a particular city you would like to focus sales and marketing efforts on? Or perhaps a vertical market such as finance, insurance, hi-tech, or retail?

Sponsored dinners can help you engage prospects and build connections in a more relaxed atmosphere, where traditional vendor/prospect walls come down and relationships can be more easily formed.

Execs In The Know can help plan introductions through targeted invitations for a private dinner. Choose a city in the US or Canada and Execs In The Know will work to fill your dinner event with 10-15 decision makers from targeted companies.

A private dinner is a great way to make a soft introduction and get a handle on needs and fit in a pressure-free environment. Past experience has shown this type of venue to be a productive method for building long-lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships.

Thought Leadership Promotion

Digital Engagement