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6 Reasons Why Your Chat Business Model Could Fail


Chat Bubbles

The following is a guest blog written by Nicholas Klisht, Contact Center Strategist at Nielsen IT Consulting. To learn more about their solutions visit their website www.nielsenitconsulting.com.

If you are launching a chat initiative, then this short blog carries a big lesson. Uncover the six common traps that cause chat business models to fail.

Chat provides a mechanism for customers to obtain assistance online when browsing a website/mobile app. Based on experience with various chat implementations, and speaking with multiple businesses, it’s clear that the business case for chat is not simple.

The original theory was that chat would mirror an IVR/Automated Phone System and deflect calls. Because agents could service multiple customers concurrently, the model appeared to be a win-win. Customers are serviced in their channel of choice and agents are twice or three times as productive. WRONG! It’s been proven across multiple industries that if this is your sole objective, then your chat business model will fail.

Here are the six reasons why your chat business model could fail:

Reason #1: Lack of clarity on the value proposition
If the ultimate goal with chat is to reduce expenses by avoiding calls, take a hard look at this approach. This is not a valuable add to customers. Your value proposition should be focused on providing assistance in the customer’s channel of choice, possibly by making the sales and acquisition process more convenient for customers. Continue reading

NextGen CX For The Digital Age – It’s Key to Business Survival



The following is a guest blog written by Ted Hunting, Senior Director, North America Marketing and Global Demand Generation, at Genesys. Learn more about Genesys by visiting their website.

To hear more about this topic and others like it, join us at Customer Response Summit Seattle, September 28-30th, 2015.

Gartner’s CEO has proclaimed that Digital Business is Upon Us. Companies that think they are not digital businesses will be out of business and the companies that will win in this era of digital transformation are those companies that make the most of every business moment. What Gartner is proclaiming is key to every company in every industry is essentially “customer care for the connected consumer” – the key topic of the Customer Response Summit Seattle. It’s also why I encourage customer care and CX leaders to attend what I have found in the past to be an extremely enlightening event, attended by smart, energized customer care executives and luminaries. From speakers, to networking, to innovative new ideas in the “Idea Lab”, it will be a fun few days of learning and “eureka” moments.

As CX and contact center leaders in our companies, we are now squarely in a position to help our companies make the most of every business moment and create the connected customer. The business moment occurs via customers hitting web chat, social channels, webpages, IVRs, mobile apps, text messages, and of course good old fashioned phones and email. These business moments, which historically started with the phone, have now changed 180 degrees with digital being the first and preferred communication channels for today’s connected consumer. Continue reading

The Last Digital Mile

The following post is a guest blog from Daniel Hong, Senior Director of Product Marketing Strategy at [24]7.

There will be 45 billion customer service calls in 2015 . That’s over 123 million calls every day! Having agents handling calls is not a scalable and sustainable model for delivering customer service in an increasingly digital world. Customers are expressing a strong preference for self-serve in digital channels, and companies today need to go the “last digital mile” to deliver optimum customer service.

What is the last mile in digital and why is it important? Typically, the “last mile” refers to the final leg of the telecommunications network which delivers connectivity to a retail customer. But, in today’s digital world where between 50-60 percent of customers prefer self-service solutions , the last digital mile now represents the coming together of customer-facing touch points with back-end infrastructure to provide a personalized and friction-less self-service experience for customers. Achieving this requires the integration of data, design, and experience to achieve superior business outcomes that enable you to thrive in the digital world.

The last mile in digital means transitioning from analog channels to deliver optimal digital self-service – and augmenting with assisted service – to deliver rich media interactions across devices and utilizing predictive analytics to anticipate the customer’s needs.


Continue reading